Dreams of rain.

I hear the rains falling, the winds driving the tree, I look outside and see the sliver of moon and many stars, the wind rustling the trees, but no rain. I was dreaming through my half sleep.

Until the end.

The guitar roared away in high pitches, strong rhythms, and bodies gyrated in time to the quick fingers strumming the strings, faces filled with ecstasy, as they all danced and sang towards a new day of peace and humanity, with no greed or occupying armies, just love and music, until the end.

Wonderful universe.

The moon hovered ghosting through the clouds wearing a halo, as I walked down our quiet road greeting the odd neighbour with smiles and happiness, talking of the moon the coming rains, the wonder of life, how good things could be. We all looked at the trees in the partial light of the moon and…

I want to…a poem

Originally posted on Rethinking Life:
I want to write about happy things about beauty and freedom and joy I want to write about the pretend America the one that never existed but should have I want to write about equality and peaceful things I want to write that women and children are safe and that…

Painting futures.

Pictures in the deep recesses of our dreams, some haunting in their beauty, some terrifying in their darkness, get splices together in a never-ending story that tantalizes the imagination slowly bringing all the shards of broken pasts into a collage of tranquillity a better world for us all to share.