Cape Robin.

Intensely busy, little legs running, bobbing, pecking at the ground, flits off with a flap of wings, chirps, and is back; little dark eyes darting looking at me, bobbing, he stops, shows his orange brest, looks, pecks, is off into the tree calling to all there.

Butterfly dreams.

Thoughts floating on the colours of the butterflies wings, rapidly climb and fall, obeying no consistency, reaching towards new necter falling towards sleep, as I struggle with the colours of my imagination, slowly landing on a dream of hapiness for all to share.

Stepping into thought.

Walking a crooked mile with my own thoughts, step by step, arms pumping, looking up at the sky creasing into runs of orange and red, the air beginning to bight, thinking about the grandeur of the mountains slipping into dark shapes, hearing the birds singing towards the new day I just carry on thinking of…

A better world for all.

I sang a bittersweet song, it was simple; I struggled with the intensity, for we had to help each other, understand each other, love our world, I sang it over and tried to get the crowd to join in, they too found it to intense and wandered off to hear the news of all the…