Concrete tears.

The tree stands between two house, pushing in on it, causing it to be trimmed further back, having its sides shaved, it is drowning in concrete , leaves fallin in anquish as pests attack, leaving black tears running down ancient growth, slowly blocking this great store of wisdom.

Pruning towards wisdom

I push on through the undergrowth of a huge tree, slowly opening up the way cutting away dead growth and bringing light to this struggling giant, then just sitting in its great shade, letting my feat and hands feel the energy of the wisdom held in this great tree, hoping that this wisdom is not…

Tree whispers

Deap in the organic exitement of life sacred conversations between trees, looking after the equalibrium of their ecosystem, exchaning information organic materials, warnings, elements, whispers of the universe.

Seeds of the universe.

The seeds lie before me, etching out our torrid past, different colours and sizes; waiting to explode their wisdom, our histories, waiting to enter the ground feal the sacred waters, blossom into the crops of life, invigorating the tired earth, we eat, see the green, conserve the seed of our ancesters, and envision our little…

Our soul song.

and the music is deep inside, moving with a geat current, building into our universe, us two here in isolation being happy creating a cheese cake together and our music grows deep down inside, as we smile and ask for more.

The moon and I

This light and I write deep into the dark of night, while the moon slowly peeps through the silhouetted branches of a tree, slowly I look up catching the near full moon, lighting the moody tree tiredness receedes into the soul of the poem.


Choices; thinking, always thinking, choices. What to write what not to say, or should we hint, and I wonder if the choices will me on, or hold me back, as I sit puzzled under this great tree.

Something new

Sorry! It has been several weeks since I added anything onto my blog, or even looked at it. First my email account which I was using to keep intouch, broke down, so need to attach my blog to a new one. Which I will soon do. Then work has taken its toll, with us working…

The Trees lament.

Crack, another nearby tree goes down in the torrid winds that blow from different directions, heralding the change of season, when I like many of my fellow trees am full of new growth , pollen, seeds and vigger, but still I wory that I too will fall, you see the two legged animals, who spoil…

Natures realm.

I strode apon the heartland of forever, stride by careful stride through the thoughts of rolling mountains, rippling streams, forrests and vegetation, with animals abounding, birds soring on the currents of my mind, as I sit , looking out of my window dreaming of walking in natures realm.