Just write!

They said just write, so here I am at near midnight, with gentle rain falling outside, siting at my desk tapping away, at my keyboard as this blank page slowly fills with the black patterns of letters, words and sentences, which is what we search for in the hope that others can shear and enjoy the art of blogging.

Words make up such a big part of our lives, they have such power, and depending on how we use them, they can enlighten, confuse, amuse, communicate, scare, destroy, build, hurt, cause hatred and happiness. So one has to be very careful how one uses words.

Some words have even had whole books written about them, in an attempt to try and come to an understanding of their meanings. One such word, for instance is “Culture”. In the nineteenth century the brothers Schlegel, German romantic poets, wrote seven huge volumes trying to describe what constituted a culture, and T.S. Eliot, too wrote notes towards the definition of culture, and other essays, which he tried to come to some understanding of what a culture is. These are all very interesting documents, and lead me towards my studies in History and Cultural history. It was certainly very interesting reading and studying how various cultures developed and grew, and how we got to be in the space which we inhabit today.

I have always had a great interest, and have read very wildly about, what some call Pop Culture and some call Youth Culture, with its great up welling during the late 1950’s and through the 60’s, and again here we come back to the problem of what is a culture? what creates it? why did it fall, or did it fall?

Perhaps more on this engrossing subject over the next few days; in the meanwhile, why not write, about what a culture is to you, and what are your ideas on Youth culture/Pop culture? I would love to read your views!

2 thoughts on “Just write!

    • Thanks I really enjoyed it, I just started, and it grew out of that. Thanks for following and liking, I went onto your blog, which I am now also following, and watched your kayaking video, love it, also love kayaking, here I do it mainly in the see, going round the peninsular, but have done some of the rivers, and lakes as well. Best wishes Charles.

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