Although sleep calls

Sleep calls,

as my eyelids droop,

and I try to type fast,

so that I can get to bed,

but I just make more mistakes,

and my head begins to droop,

but the words and thoughts

carry on poring out here

well after the midnight hour,

as there is so much going on

in our ever more confused world:

though we try and save the Rhinos

over a 100 elephants are slaughtered 

every day, Lions too are becoming a rarity,

but other animals and ways are life are even more

threatened than than these.

Though there are these great wrongs;

do you know that all these years later 

that slavery still exists in many countries,

and in many different guises,

but we tend to fixate on these 

terrible afflictions of our world,

yet there are many good things happening

that we do not hear about,

how more people are banding together

to help each other,

and to help others,

how communities are growing

that are halting the worst

of the lies, the greed

and the wrongs of the world,

people are starting and signing

petitions to stop the rot,

and getting out to physically protest,

love is breaking out,

and the tiredness is waning

into an excitement, a contentment,

even a laugh, as the foot is

tap, tapping on the floor

and the words are flying

onto the screening,

and I am ready to greet you all

and share a smile,

and help build a better world,

and now I will start with

with a hug and kiss for

my wonderful wife,

and let all grow

into happiness from there. 



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