The setting sun

The sun shone

the air was cold

all was still

as I trudged

through the waterlogged

paths In Tokai forrest,

with my mind else where

I looked at the mountains,

the plants and the water

with out really seeing them,

as the cold slow got 

into my limbs,

and then in the actual forested,

I warmed up,

met some people who I greeted

with a Hello and a smile

and feeling better,

began to hum

Harry NIlsson’s Every bodies talking

and thought of Genevieve my wife  

and all of my friends,

and the various struggles

that they are facing,

and began to think how I could help,

which helped me concentrate on all

that was going on around me,

so that I enjoyed this end to my walk,

and drank in the shape of the mountains

and the flowering of the plants

with all their spectacular colours

and designs, and enjoyed watching

a little girl and her dog

playing in the water

and looking happily

up to the soft setting sun. 


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