Arum Lillie

White and yellow 

with green leaves

across the park

arrested my attention today,

as a sea of Arum’s flowered,

a special occasion

for not only do these

plants always look magnificent

but they are balm to the soul,

as the frogs called

and the birds sang

in sweet drifts,

even the harsh Ibises

and pied crows

blended through into natures 

great rhythm of

soul and well being;

that we rush uncaring past

in our headlong chase

for what we admire.

But come admire 

this healing plant

and walk a mile in nature

happy and fulfilling. 


Zantedeschia Aethiopica, or the Arum Lilly, is a wonderful plant to have in the garden, not only does it look good all year round with its splendid leaves, but it is an invaluable plant for healing. The rhizome can be harvested and cooked into a bredie (type of stew), it must be roasted first, as this will remove the toxins in the rhizome. The leave make a very good poultice for getting out thorns, splinters and the like. A few years ago my hand got caught in the gears of a huge double garage door, and my one finger had multiple stitches in it. The doctors took them out, but left 2 in, which began to fester, I harvested a leaf and warmed it with the steam from my kettle, I then placed the leaf over the wound and after keeping it there for about ten minutes, took it away and the two stitches popped out of my skin, and the wound soon healed.




5 thoughts on “Arum Lillie

    • I have never tried to cook the rhizome, and wonder how the plant would survive if you harvested it for cooking. Presumably you would have to have a few plant to use it in cooking. Thanks for the comment and liking, best wishes and blessings Charles.

  1. I can’t resist a poem about Arum Lilies, they are my favourite flower! 🙂 I don’t have a pretty garden where I live, the landlord is supposed to keep the garden tidy, but rarely does – until I complain. I struggle with gardening, bad back and various other complaints, and the man who lives in the downstairs flat is never there to do any either! But the one thing that is stunning in that garden is a great host of Arum Lilies, they bloomed within a week of me moving in many years ago now. I couldn’t believe how HUGE they were (the size of 2 or three dinner plates!) They hadn’t been trimmed for years so they were like giant tropical plants. They are a little smaller these days but are still so stunning, I love to look at them.

    Very interesting what you said about their healing properties, I have never heard of that – wow! 😀 I’d be a bit nervous of eating the rhizome though! Is that the root of the plant? And how amazing that the leaves have healing properties too. Good to hear you got those stitches out an the wound healed. Natural healing is often the best, if you can find it! 🙂

    • Hi Suzy, thanks for the long and interesting comment. i also love this plant, the rhizome is the growing part, that the roots come out of at the bottom, and the leaves from the top; it stores water and energy for the plant, and looks some what like a piece of ginger. I have never eaten it, and also think I won’t eat it. Sorry your landlord doesn’t look after the garden. Thanks for liking and following, and enjoyed your blog too, best wishes and blessings Charles.:-)

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