Joe South. Games people play

This song haunts me, it is in my mind all the time. It was written and performed by sing song writer and guitarist Joe South, it became a huge hit for him in 1970, but was not his biggest selling song; that came in 1971, when Country Western singer, Lynn Anderson had a huge hit with his song I never promised you a rose garden. He often worked as a session musician, and recorded with people like Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel. His songs were recorded by many artists, as diverse as Brook Benton (Down in the boondocks) and Deep Purple. His songs became more political as time went on, with the Games people play being against politicians and business men that were keeping the wars going, and became an anthem for the youth movement. His brother who played drums for him committed suicide late in 1971, which shocked South, who struggled with depression, which plagued him until his death in 2012. Here is The Games people play, thanks to YouTube and OLDIESMS.


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