When a dream comes true; by Helena Santic Isakov, translated with Charles Elffers

What happened at 2 am

is not the same as at 7 am:

Events in evolution

and ephemerality seem to

illuminate the mind;

clean the soul.

Something will happen every day,

but will it really happen,

because you forgot to narrate

your overnight dream.

They are coming;

three of them with guns,

I am a victim;

I had a vision of the first intruders dream,

and understood what he dreamed.

Afterwards he involuntarily killed,

his friend with the open zip.

Another one fainted

and the murderer ran away;

no one knows where,

except I know that he went

into his own dream.

I am alone again;

just me and death;

who saved my life at 2 am,

and will he not do it at 7 am.

I see everything that

other people can and can’t see:

An ambulance arrives

to fetch me;

this deathly guy deserved a dream

and I chose the karma of his being.








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