Nonviolence: Martin Luther King Jr.

taken from: The Peace Bible; Steven Scholl Ed. : Los Angeles; Kalimat Press, 1986. P. 43.


Nonviolence is a weapon fabricated of love. It is a sword that heals. Our nonviolent direct action program has as its objective not the creation of tensions, but the surfacing of tensions already present. We set out to precipitate a crisis situation that must open the door to negotiation. I am not afraid of the word “crisis” and “tension”. I deeply oppose violence, but constructive crisis and tension are necessary for growth. Innate to all life, and all growth, is tension. Only in dearth is there an absence of tension. 


2 thoughts on “Nonviolence: Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Hi Debby, a great man indeed, in Noordhoek on the road in opposite the BP filling station with the Tribakery in it. Saw whales off the beach when walking yesterday. Best wishe and blessings Charles.

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