Beach walk.

Walking down to the beach

past fields of daisy’s brilliantly white,

onto the white sands and over the river.

Just there I see a blow pushing into the air

over the waves which are breaking in uneven patterns,

some even rushing in sideways on,

then there, a flipper appears then slowly disappears,

another blow and a tale comes out, another whale breaches

descending back into the water with a huge plume of water.

I am walking on, paddling in the cold waters,

my body hits a rhythm not of my own making,

as I leave the whales behind wandering down

Longbeach from Noordhoek towards Kommetjie,

in the tidal lagoon I see a flock of greater Flamenco

wading in the shallow waters,

beaks submerged in the salty waters,

through the dunes to the wreck of the Kakopa

with its huge boiler and steering apparatus

sticking out of the sand,

you can still see the shape

of the boat in the sand.

Soon I am at the rocks and river

on the Kommetjie side:

there hovering before my startled eyes is

a pied king fisher,

it dives, comes up, flies up and hover again

before diving, each time coming up

with an empty beak,

making me realize just how difficult it is for

these and other birds to survive.

I am trudging back with my feat in the cold water,

only 8C, and then I see the pod of whales again

and realize that I am taking my rhythm from them

they have infiltrated my being to the core,

realizing just how fragile all this beauty is,

and how easily we could loose it all,

then I am winding up the slope

back to my car,

deep in thought and happiness.

I have just come back from a few wonderful days of holiday at Afton Country Lodge in Noordhoek, where there is a lot of birding, some fine restaurants, other than walking and eating i had a good relaxing time. I walked the beach three times whilst there, and saw these various animals one time each.


2 thoughts on “Beach walk.

  1. Wow, this sounds wonderful, almost like a dream!! 😀 I love flamingo’s I’d love to see a great flock of them in real life. I didn’t realise until last year that they settle on the beach and are happy to be in the sea! I saw some in a zoo back in the 80’s and they were standing in a very shallow pool of muddy water, they looked so depressed. It made me feel depressed – it was the last time I went to a zoo. I was shocked when I saw a You Tube video of a giant flock of flamingo’s on a stunning beach – that’s were those poor birds should have been.

    I hope you go on another holiday like this, sounds like you had a great time! 🙂

    • Hi Suzy, hope you are well, here the zoo was disbanded in the late 1960’s, the area is now part of UCT. Flamingo’s like shallow salty water, weather near the see or not. There are two areas in and around Cape Town. Living here I can get there to that beach in 20 minutes. You should come and visit some time. Best wishes and blessings Charles

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