…and I wonder…

Sitting here wondering

if I am actually even wondering

about anything at all:

and the rains fall,

but the barometer is rising

and a new day is coming round

with the new hope of blue skies

warmth and the opening

of new thoughts and feelings

as I put my being

into the turmoil of life

and try to work out

a future,

happy, creative and loving,

to be able to help

others and the world

at this time,

and to be able to share

and grow with Genevieve

my wife,

as we sally forward

from the dank dusts

that have held us down.

Tomorrow is her birthday

and we will celebrate

and start our journey

to a new life in a better place.

Thanks to the singer songwriter guitarist Rodriguez for the title of the poem, we used this song with our own words as a song against the apartheid state and particularly the army, in which we were all forced to enlist. I will blog the song tomorrow evening.


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