Pause. By Helena Santic Isakov. Translated with Charles Elffers

I am in pain

after picking my nose,

because i have not picked it

for a long time.

I am waiting for people

to pass by,

and disappear around the corner.

Now I can put my finger

into my nose again;

it’s wonderful this secret pilferage,

particularly when it starts to create dialogue;

while you touch base with yourself,

you can only grasp at the truth

according to your wishes.

I n the meantime

my mother aborted behind

the door of my bedroom,

and my father widened my legs,

while I called Nioba,

the strongest one of

the Kingdom of Kadmo for help;

she did not come for me,

in the next meaning,

wretched woman,

because endurance of the past

can’t comfort me.

I visit the sage stone only in dreams,

but all the women shed real tears.

Early in spring, and I go to see their snowline s,

while all of them: Manta,Biblia,

Egere,Niobe and Nymphs.

Who were born

from the blood of Uranium,

and all the others;

Prostitutes, Belindas

and the nuns, Marias

are sentenced to weep.

I have to say,

the court of justice is lying

at the same time

as i pick my nose.


2 thoughts on “Pause. By Helena Santic Isakov. Translated with Charles Elffers

    • Had a good laugh at this, unfortunately I have no idea, as she has not replied to my emails, and Facebook messages, but know this is how it goes with Helena. I am just happy to hear from her every now and then, but I think she struggles a lot at the moment. :-), blessings Charles.

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