A child, with his little hat on,

looks intently at the water in the pond,

seeing the ripples moving out

from where an insect had

skipped along the water;

then his interest turns to

tadpoles and little fishes,

that darted around under the water,

and the beautifully coloured dragonfly

that hovered so effortlessly,

and the paper thin and coloured

wings of the butterflies skipped haphazardly about …

His parents called anxiously,

asking if did not want to

play soccer with the other boys.

“Don’t be such a pansy he shouted,

go and play with the others,

and stop looking at the pond and play in the real world.”

Nervously he shuffled off to the other boys.

When i was young, my mother said I always spent hours watching bugs, and looking at gardens and flowers, I even used to have my own little gardening patch, until my father ripped it up to build a swimming pool. I am still very interested in all facets of nature, and still garden, having run a landscaping company for a while.


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