I signed a petition

I had a thought,

that we all interpret

words so differently.

The dictionary tells

us the the accepted

meanings of all words,

then as individuals

with our own outlooks

and set of circumstances,

we interpret the word further

giving it a finite meaning

on our own terms.

unfortunately often peoples

from different backgrounds

interpret things differently.

For instance tonight I saw

an email from Wikipedia

made here in Cape Town,

with children from a poor school

with no library, appealing

to the phone companies and Wikipedia

to allow them free access to

Wikipedia through their cell phones.

I thought it was brave and well put together

so I signed their petition;

while thinking how the phone

companies would interpret

their petition, and being business men,

I’m sure there understanding

and meaning of these words is very different.

If we could get past these differences

how much better, friendlier and more peaceful

our laboring world would be.

Here for your interest is the petition:http:// https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/WPZeroPetition/201409e

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