Diving tears.

In waters deep,

light greening from above,

tears are filling the face mask:

“When I relax and enjoy,

I cry as I remember being raped,

then raped again in the driving rain,

and him called over his shoulder

great sex, hey babe.”

When I was research librarian/lecturer at Ocean World University (we trained underwater tour guides, one of our students had to drop out, as each time she dived she cried and cried under water. She had been raped a few months earlier, and beginning to feel better, had gone with some friends to a party; she soon realized that she could not communicate with the people there, and when sex came up, she ran off to go home, and after few minutes a terrible downpour started, and a car stopped to help her, but the occupants raped her again, and left her with the above words.


2 thoughts on “Diving tears.

    • This was indeed terrible, I was shaken by the story, and only now some 16 years later am I relating the story. I am afraid this is not a unique story in South Africa, as there is a huge problem with violence against women and children, Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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