Nature boy

I have always been a great lover of nature, and when I was young I spent hours alone by ponds, and in trees exploring nature, perhaps this was also because I was dyslectic, when not much was known about this disability, and was teased by the children and teachers of the school. I also loved to plant seeds and watch the plants grow. Since then I have hiked often, designed and build gardens, lectured on the sea, the sea shore and all its life forms.

So I have decided that it is time to share some of these experiences, and some of this knowledge on my blog. My friend Tammy Peta Sinek, who ran Ocean World University, for which I was a research librarian and lecturer, has sent down some written ideas to create articles from and I will use some of these to blog here. I hope it will all being fun for all of you to read, so watch out for some of the posts in the next few nights.


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