A sparrow came by.

A sparrow flits into my garden,

first perching on the wall

surveying the world,

cheeping to his mate,

who appears soon enough,

and they fly into the lemon tree,

and flits with great dexterity

onto the feeder,

starting the eat the seed.

Suddenly there is a flash,

as a cat who had hidden in the bushes

sprang up at the birds on the bird feeder;

the cat missed them

landing back down in the bushes, growling,

looking up, licking his chops

and giving little out of breath

truncated meows,

while the sparrows

who had flitted back up

onto the wall,

looked down emitting

a more guttural laugh

before flying off,

leaving the cat to pad off in frustration.


4 thoughts on “A sparrow came by.

    • So am I, as my garden is very small and completely walled, I did not realize that there was a cat there. I prefer the birds to the cat. thanks for following, liking and commenting, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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