The Doors: Who do you love.

One of the bloggers that I follow Danica wrote a poem that I really enjoyed called Who do you need, who do you love, in which she incorporates the lyrics of the Duran Duran song “Come undone” into her own poem very cleverly, read the poem here. http:// The poem immediately reminded me of the Doors version of the song “Who do you love and I promist that I would blog the song, so here it is. This is s live recording (though it might have come from the Jim Morrison film) and shows how the Doors had the ability to take a standard simple blues song, and make a unique huge song out of it. Here it is thanks to YouTube and Reservoir2. 


4 thoughts on “The Doors: Who do you love.

    • Indeed, have unfortunately have had to stop blogging music, as I can’t get the the clips of music to stick any more, I always get the message that the video is unsupported. What groovy, yet unsettling times those were, and what an incredible flowering of youth culture.

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