Experiences are our lesson masters. By Tammy Peta Sinek, and Charles Elffers

Lying on the water, face down, looking; breathing through my snorkel, which poked up behind me; taking half a dozen deep breaths, each one expanding my lungs more than the one before. I inhaled until I was about burst, in anticipation I clamped my mouth shut around my d.v. and dived, propelling myself to the bottom.

A shadow from above crossed one of the opaque runs of  yellow light, and I looked up to see a procession of hammerheads, sleek as bullets. The sunlight touched the ripples of their moving muscles, making them sparkle.

Always after my descent the animals of the reef retreat, then inquisitive about my intrusion, soon begin to return, as if accepting me as part of life.

Suddenly unawares; something slammed into me from behind, knocking me forward. I clutched a rocky perch and spun around, putting my arms up protecting my face; for a spit second could not see through the clouds of bubbles I had created. I one of the hammerheads had bumped me, as sometimes happens, as they test for prey, it would strike again and I would be dead. What ever it was, had not been an accident, as accidental collisions underwater are as rare as straight lines in nature.With my arm up, squinting through the bubbles, and fighting to suppress the panic, I found myself face to face with my assailant. Laughing into my d.v.; I saw a. 100  o potato bass!

now what is there to beet that rush? Come on a journey with Tammy and I through the sea, exploring it in all its glory. Next week the focus will be on the Wales.


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