cries of anguish

deathly silence

another damaged person.


5 thoughts on “Silence

      • Oh, Charles, how very generous of you. I worked in domestic violence when I was young and continue to hold a tender place in my heart for all women and children who are suffering. We women and our children deserve so much better, to love and be loved, to be safe and confident and free.

      • Hi Angie, I worked in libraries in many areas where this sort of violence was very bad, it was not our job, but we just had to try and help. I also had to girlfriends who had been very badly beaten by ex boyfriends, and one of the women that I taught in Ocean world university was a multiple rape victim, so am very upset about the levels of violence in South Africa. Thanks for the comment, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • I hear you, Charles. It can be such a helpless feeling to know that women and their children are suffering and feel that there is little we can do. But I’m sure that your kindness then and now is a part of their healing and the healing of others.

        You’re very welcome, Charles, and thank you ❤

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