Writhing complexities.

Smiling, greeting, happy:

while deep down inside

complexities writhe,

the brain is in thought

hunting out reasoning

for all that is done

in the race towards the future,

so there are always words,

ideas, remorse’s and fulfillment’s,

as I brood on the

problems of our fine world,

and search artfully for new

directions, new ideas,

new friends, and then

I smile brightly and greet

the next person to appear,

and even share a joke

to escape the thoughts

for awhile and share instead.


6 thoughts on “Writhing complexities.

    • Thanks Manja, and good to hear from you again, am still trying to get a reply from Helena, just been on your blog, as per usual, lots of interesting pieces there, I have never tried doing collages, I think I would have the ideas but it would take a lot of practice to be as good at it as you are, so maybe I should stick with the poetry. I think would like to try a collage with the words of the poem worked into the texture of the collage. Best wishes, Charles.

      • Maybe she’s still picking her nose 😀
        I do as many collages as I can because that’s the only way to get better! So I’d say go for it!

      • lol, (spell check does not like this) yes I think also in survival mode, maybe its her sustenance for the day! 🙂 I do sometimes draw and paint, and used to design and build gardens, so sure I can eventually get it right, there never seems to be enough hours in the day for all of this but I will go for it, maybe over a weekend.

      • Despite all the verbiage about what art is or aught to be, one of the this of contemporary art and writing is that there are no rules, so this is perfect to do the unexpected! Some people complain that I take to many chances, but what is life for other to take chances! Watch this space!

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