Brand new key by Melanie

Melanie was another performer at Woodstock who never made it onto either of the films nor the records. She was born on 3rd of February 1947 in New York, and became one of the Greenwich Village singer composers using only her first name. her full name is Melanie Anne Safke-Scekenryk. My favorite song of hers is brand new key, which was band by radio stations, as they read a sexual message into the lyrics, despite this it was her biggest hit, and she had two other songs in the billboard 100 at the same time as it, maker her the first female vocalist to have 3 songs on the charts at the same time. She says that she now seas that one can read a sexual context into the song, but did not mean it, as she wrote the song in just 15 minutes, as a fun 1930’s sounding piece. Here it is performed live, thanks to YouTube and rememberthe60’s: 

She wrote a song about her experiences of singing at Woodstock at night and the audience swaying and holding up candles Actually they were matches and lighters) it was called Lay down (Candles in the wind), her it is performed live in 1970 in Holland, thanks to YouTube and Sky Vibes: 

A number of groups have covered her songs, and the New Seekers had hits with three of her songs. She was the sweetheart of the festival scene, even performing fearlessly at a band concert in front of state troupers, who had been sent to make sure no one performed. She was at the original Isle of White Festival, and at the first ever Glastonbury festival. Her is a song from her Woodstock performance, the song is called Birthday of the sun, thanks to tokaicarl and YouTube for the song : 


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