Soft white sands

White grains hang together

moving into shapes,

and plants slowly

growing out to hold

the sea sands,

as they migrate around

and flowers begin to abound,

but the waters slip away

into underground rivers

which well up into wet lands;

shallow lakes which

run out to the sea.

These shifting sands

are not very fertile

but have produces

one of the most

diverse and splendid

floral kingdoms in the world

that is now hanging on by a shred

as more and more development

around Cape Town destroys

the underground water supplies

and takes away

more and more habitat,

which is what makes the soft

sands of Lower Tokai forest area

so important;

for many of these species

this last bastion,

is their last chance

at survival:

So how lucky am I

that I get to walk

often in this sandy

bush laden piece

of paradise often

and see how more and more

red listed plants, birds and animals

are now to be seen

in this small wonderful space,

seeing how it all hangs together

through the seasons

enhancing our lives.


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