Conversations in the dark of night.

“You gotta do something with it,

you can’t just rehash it.”

You know Dylan played his songs

brilliantly, and then Hendrix came along

and in a few minutes

completely changed our

feelings, enjoyment and understanding

of both Like a Rolling Stone,

and All along the watch tower.

So you’ve got to go further,

create something new,

something unbound,

wild that will turn

peoples heads,

make them think in new ways;

come together in love and peace,

and save our planet,

change the way we

think and act towards then universe.”

“hmm, what a big burden you put

on creative people;

surely this should be a process

of which an artist is a part,

rather than some kind

of prophet that people look up to and follow.”

“Yes, but that should not stop artists from

creating great works that do help

transform society.”

” I’m sure we all try hard,

but there are only a hand full

of true greats in each age,

and I’m sure we would

secretly all like to be one,

but just writing,

improving and sharing our thoughts

and feelings is good too,

so I am happy with that.”


4 thoughts on “Conversations in the dark of night.

    • Thanks, it just started – though I think I had been thinking along these lines for a while before – and ran on,and gave me great joy while writing it, so your comment has made my evening. Have been reading and liking your poetry a lot, best wishes and blessing, Charles.

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