God’s universe

Thinking – maybe to much-
all the time thinking,
about so many things:
the universe which
grows larger in our
minds and souls,
growing us in wisdom
-maybe not?- and the
consciousness of God
growing in our innermost
sanctum, as we move
through our journey
in his universe.
Torrents of unease
grapple with our
inner being as we
wonder about God
and his existence,
and our existence within
his orb, trying to
be the best we can
within in the narrow
confines of human
experience, feeling
like asking the question Einstein
asked the Baha’i Universal house of Justice;
“Can I become a Baha’i,
and worship with you,
but not believe in God?”
For it would appear
that it is virtually impossible
in today’s society to follow
any of the major religions
perfectly, though it appears
that ones journey on earth,
or the first part of your life,
you are here to pick up
spiritual acumen,
to help ones spirit in its
journey towards the higher
spirit life in Gods universe.


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