Thank you!

Tonight I have no poem, only a big thank you to all my friends and followers, who have taken me to a new milestone, as I now have reached 500 followers!

When I began this blog, after coming back from my fathers funeral in February the idea was to share information, ideas, music and poetry with people, but I had the strange idea that just a few people would follow my blog and read my posts. Almost immediately I saw National poetry writing month, signed up, and started posting one poem per day, and have just carried on going. The blog began to take over my life, so my wife Genevieve, good humorously tells people she is a blog widow.

I work hard at my job of selling books on behalf of Help the Rural Child charity trust, am there working from 9 am, and only get home at between half past 5 and 6 in the evenings, then at about 9 I go on the computer to read as many of the posts that have come through as possible, and do my own posting, only getting to bed at between 2.30 and 3 each day.

I am enjoying this blog a lot, and am eager each evening to get working on the computer, and to get my fingers scurrying over the keyboard, answering comments, making comments, and creating the posts for the day. I am very grateful to the 3 of you that have put me forward to receive blogging awards, this is wonderful, and I am still working on the responses, so don’t worry, they will be coming; hopefully soon.

Now I will work hard to get the next 500 followers, and write another thank you at that stage; I have been pleasantly surprised by speed at which my blog is growing, and when I find some time,I am going to change it, so that it will look better as well. Thanks once again, and all the best for you all, and many blessings, Charles. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Thank you!

    • Thanks sea angel, really liked your your post with the great grey clouds, very atmospheric. Hope you will carry enjoying my blog, all the best and many blessings, Charles.

    • Thanks Danica, have already added a few more last night, so am celebrating, but very tired, it is like having two full time jobs, this one more fun than the other! The awards are great , but a lot of work once you are nominated, but am working at it. Keep well and creative, best wishes and blessings Charles.

      • I’m glad you’re enjoying them and celebrating! They’re a lot of work and your readers will appreciate the time and effort you put into them. They’re a great way for everyone to discover new blogs. Thanks and best wishes to you too, Charles 🙂

      • Thanks Danica, I will carry on, must also get my summer cloths out, as I am suffering in these winter cloths, as the temperature here is suddenly near to 30C every day, have a great day Charles.

    • Thanks Indah, have been enjoying your photo’s, am of Dutch origin, but enjoy the sun too much to live there. keep the photo’s coming, and thanks for liking and following my blog, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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