Piano Concerto

The barometer drops steadily,
I feel my feat begin to freeze;
search for my slippers,
while Beethoven’s third piano concerto
strides across my conscious,
thrilling the deepest self,
as I tap out the rhythms,
forget the cold,
forget the rains
that are foretold,
and conjoin with
the expressive melody,
which brings words
bubbling out of my mind,
dancing in growing
manifestations onto the screen,
and covering all
the problems of a busy
and stressful time,
taking away my tiredness
as I await the coming rain.

Here is a performance by Krystian Zimmerman of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no.3 in C minor opus 37 thanks to opus21 and YouTube, enjoy:


2 thoughts on “Piano Concerto

  1. Beautiful poem! Music makes all the difference to my mood! I like so many different kinds of music, from classical to rock and it really helps with writing too. Lovely video, I love to hear and watch orchestras and see the piano played. Can’t live without music! 🙂

    • Like wise, when I used to visit my parents, I used to attend some Dance (Ballet or modern) an Opera, and several Proms, chamber recitals, and any other music that tickled my funny bone. At home I go as well, and even when not playing some music, my mind is playing music for me. Love music, love poetry and writing 🙂 Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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