Would it be terrible
if I did not write
a poem on this dark
and rainy night?
Tired, very tired,
and the my feeling is that
naught good will
be done in such a state,
but even so the words
do appear to appear
to be flowing
even arriving on
the screen in the shape
and form of a poem.
Perhaps it is the house hunting
the busy day at work,
or even the fact that
I have listened to
no music tonight,
but there it is:
Tonight is poem-less!


12 thoughts on “Poem-less!

  1. Hello Charles! 🙂 I’m still on my official blog break at the moment, but just dropping by to ask if I could publish your ‘Poem-less’ poem in a literary magazine I’m creating this month? It will be published on WordPress and free for anyone to view. All credit will go to the original authors and links back to their blog/social media will be given.

    I’ve got a great selection of writers work for the first issue. It will predominantly be poetry, but will also include some short stories, and I’ll be mainly publicizing it through Twitter, hoping to find more readers beyond WordPress to read where the writers are.

    But if you’d rather not, then please don’t hesitate to say no, I won’t mind.

    Hoping your New Year is a good one! 🙂

    • Hi Suzy, first I hope this will be a wonderful, interesting, exiting, loving year. I think the new magazine sounds great, so will be honored to have one of my poems in the first edition, so send me a line when it is published, so that I can read the mag. Have missed you, so great to get this comment, keep well, best wishes and blessings, Charles. 🙂

      • Thank you for allowing me to borrow one of your poems Charles! The creation is coming on nicely, so should be ready soon. I’ll give you a link to the first issue when it’s published. Obviously I’ll be giving a link to your blog along with your poem, but are there any other links like Facebook or Twitter you’d like me to include? That’s so nice of you to say that Charles, I’ve been missing everyone on here too, it’s been good to take a break (I might not have thought of the magazine idea if I hadn’t had a break) but I’ve got so used to being on here, it was like stopping a favourite hobby. I shall be back posting and commenting soon! 🙂

      • Hi Suzy, looking for ward to seeing the mag, and I do have various other addresses, but spend so much time on my blog, and composing the poems, that i hardly ever have time to check whats being posted on them, so I think, just the blog is great. When I am in London, I always visit the National Poetry library on the fifth floor of the Royal festival hall, part of the South bank center for the arts. They have some of my poetry in their stacks, published in Understanding Literary Magazine. They will display your magazine on their racks, and help you if you need any advice or help, a very good service. Hope to read your blogs again, when you are properly rested. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

  2. Here’s the link I promised for the first issue of ‘The Writing Garden’ http://thewritinggarden.wordpress.com/ thanks so much for letting me publish your brilliant poem Charles! 🙂 Have a good read of your work and just double check no line or word is missing. I’m sure it’s okay, but just in case. Checking my own poetry is a very different experience. I hope you enjoy the post!

    That sounds very interesting, I’ve never heard of the National Poetry Library in the Royal Festival Hall. I’ll have to check that out. When you say, they have some of your poetry – how do they store it? Do they store online magazines? I don’t think mine will turn into a real paper one – but on the other hand, in years to come, you never know! 🙂

    • The poems came out in an actual magazine (they were all published in the early 90’s, before such things as e zines existed) called Understanding literary magazine. This library tries to bye at least one copy of all magazines and books of poems that is published in the English language, and has a huge stock of books, magazines, CD’s DVD’s tapes etc. so one can ask for specific works. A person living within the London commuter belt, can join the library and take out the books, and back issues of the magazines. They often organize readings there as well, a very interesting place to visit. 🙂 Charles.

  3. Pingback: The Writing Garden ~ Issue One | The Writing Garden

    • Hi Suzy, what a wonderful surprise to turn on my computer just now, and see the link to “The writing Garden” and see the new magazine in all it’s glory; it really does look good. I called my wife Genevieve who also thought it was wonderful, so well done, am looking forward to reading it over the weekend, and can’t wait to see the next one in march. Have already have several new followers like the poem and others! Charles. 🙂

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