Swimming at Fish Hoek beach.

Bobbing on the water,
with the sun shining down
on my still very pale body,
watching out for the big wave,
so that I can either
dive through them or
try and body surf
them into the beach.
I am floating on my back
with the water lapping
coolly against my head and body.
I turn over, dive through
a wave that is not ready to break
coming up the other side,
and swimming a bit to get my
body temperature up,
as the water is only 15C
and so I get cold quickly.
As I surface the wind blows
water drops into my face,
oh dear it is time to call
it a day, and here comes
a big wave, which I catch,
for a few meters,
then I rise to my feat
and start walking against
the rushing waters,
which are running back
towards the next wave;
which hits me,
making walking look rather clumsy,
and then I am running
down the white sand of the beach
so that I can dry off,
before having a quick shower,
changing and sitting down to watch
other bathers, drink a coffee
and get on my way.


2 thoughts on “Swimming at Fish Hoek beach.

    • Hi Eddy, thanks for all the likes, following and commenting on my blog, am enjoying yours very much, wonderful pictures and quotations, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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