Heavy lids;
dreamy mind,
wondering through
bits of everything
hanging on a scene
not quite making sense,
drawing in,
the bits every now and again coalesce
into the plunder of time;
of bodies ripped,
buildings toppling,
people and animals running,
then the music is driving
with ominous rolls
thumping out of the timpani
and the symphony is growing
into something that it isn’t
and the frustration is rising
as a gentle melody plays on the oboe
and a Leopard coughs from
a broken branch above;
a car speeds by
full of red eyes
and explodes in my head
and the symphony still
goes on reaching gigantic crescendo’s
then falling away
into derision and cacophony;
the images collage up into
lifes simultaneity


4 thoughts on “Simultaneity

    • My attempt to write a collage, instead of creating one, it was meant to be a whole lot of disparate snippets of ideas that would slowly come together to produce a final picture. I do not know that i have succeeded to well, but it turned out to be quite a good poem. I will try some more, maybe even tonight. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • that’s a big comment to leave, my wife Genevieve, enthused about it, saying it was my best poem in a while. I think I could make quite a good collage picture of this, maybe over the holidays at the end of the year. 🙂 Charles.

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