South Easter

Big sky
wind scatters clouds
sand races on side walks
people duck and hide
birds float uneasily,
a motorbike is blown over
pedestrians in
short sleeved shirts
curse through mouthfuls
of sand,
some give a hand;
cars struggle past
fumes whipping into
the air, and racing out to sea,
this is all part
of life’s great trials:
strange that even in this
perfection we find
room to complain
against the very
thing, (The Cape doctor; the South Easter wind)
that keep life going
in our little corner of paradise,
where doctors grow rich
on peoples allergies,
and yes life goes on,
as it has for Millennia
in our beautiful peninsular.


2 thoughts on “South Easter

    • Some allergies medicines have run out here at the moment, because the problem is so bad, and congratulations on your nomination, and like your blog, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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