Layla, by Derek and the Domino’s.

Leyla, congratulated me on the first anniversary of my blog last night, and this song immediately came into my head, and I cant get it out! So as a celebration and thank you to Leyla I am blogging this wonderful song.

In 1970, just after the break up of Blind Faith, Eric Clapton, along with many others, toured with Delaney & Bonnie & friends, and met up with Jim Gordon, Bobby Whitlock and Carl Raddle, soon after in late 1970 they formed Derek and the domino’s, and began recording a double LP, with the help of George Harrison and David Mason (of Traffic), soon after recording began, Duane Allman, a long time fan of Eric Clapton joined in, playing slide guitar, the LP was called Layla and other love songs, which was not popular at first, but after the tour started it grew to be a million seller, and Layla enter the US and British top ten in 1973, along with Belle Bottom blues, by then the group had broken apart, and Duane Allman had died in a motor bike accident. This record is now seen as he crowning glory. So enjoy this wonderful piece brought to you with thanks to Sam Berry and YouTube : 


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