On the death of four children.

I heard three

children die

every day in South Africa,

in many parts of Africa this is worse;

somehow this problem is not improving.

Four children were buried today

after play in an old abandoned freezer,

which locked on them;

it seems that we do not take

enough care of our children,

which leads to many children

being caught up in violence

many being shot in gang related

cross fire, others being raped and killed.

We have to stopped this violence

against women and children now.


6 thoughts on “On the death of four children.

    • Thanks Indah, it is always so sad to hear about incidents like this, and when one realizes that this does not include the number of children who dye of diseases, malnutrition, malaria and many other such ailments, the number is truly staggering. This one of the reasons that I chose to run a charity bookshop, for Help the Rural Child, and the Goodgedagt trust, in an effort to help. Even doing this one feels quite hopeless. Thanks for the comment, the likes and for following; by the way I like your blog a lot, I wanted to comment on the Bali women carrying the offerings on their heads, over here lots of things are carried on peoples heads. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      • You do wonderful things Charles! Impressive and I believe those efforts help them in certain ways 🙂
        Thank you for your kind comment about my blog and photo. It’s impressive hoe the world we live in – how actually women around the world, separated by ocean and still share similar “habits”. Best wishes to you too and have a wonderful week!

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