Cars stuffed full of eyes.

Roads are just full of cars,

traffic sitting belching out  gas

which the wind whips away

leaving eyes looking out

of dirty windshields

hoping for a better life for all,

not realizing that the better

life would come if they

gave up so many of the destructive

habits that they have acquired,

and maybe walked more and used the car less,

and greeted everyone that they saw

on the way, so as to help

bring compassion, love and togetherness

back into the world.


2 thoughts on “Cars stuffed full of eyes.

    • I had some music on and just let ideas flow, and the poem happened, so it was for everyone, including you, enjoying your blog, but have not been able to like of comment, as i can’t seem to find a way to do this. Best wishes and blessings Charles 🙂

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