Head births.

Music is pounding

in my head,

as I try to recreate

all the melodies

and rhythms from

Bizet’s Carmen,

all those stirring

Spanish melodies

and rhythms strained through

the French intellect and finesse.

I am onto lots of variations;

mainly rhythmic,

which are slowly joined by other

music of my youth,

such as the Creams

In a white room, and Deep Purples

Smoke on the water,

which are slowly

building into some

new piece of music

that some how will

never get out of my head,

but will add punch

and rhythm to my next

few poems,

which come together

at a rapid pace to fit in

with the music in my head.


5 thoughts on “Head births.

    • Yeah, should be fun, but how to get it out of my head onto paper, so people can play and listen to it, as I am unable to read or write music, and used to play the drums, so that does not help with the playing of it either. Best wishes Charles.

      • I have composed a movement of a string quartet, my friend, musicologist and composer Peter van der Merwe, had written a string quartet, but wanted to have a scherzo, so I used my voice (I can quite accurately make the sound of many instruments with my voice) to compose a scherzo. I can also read music to a certain extent, but am not good or fast enough to play well or compose, maybe I should spend more time trying to learn to read better. ­čÖé Charles.

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