The word jam: no guitars required!

I just wanted to Jam,

just like I heard Duke Ellington,

Charlie Mingus and tony Roach doing,

the words must run

off the page,

the way the piano passage work

flowed and rasped over

ripping base and scattered drums,

the words must arrive

in majestic and mystical ways,

they must juxtapose,

break off and come together again,

telling a story,

pointing out the

sorry plight of the world,

while love slips perfection

into the heat of the sentence,

as we all help and find each

other looking for new ways

in the fog of despair,

as we all clamber,

to make it right,

jam in the light

of our fantasies,

rolling so many words

out into the full atmosphere

that we don’t listen,

missing so many things

and getting out of love again,

as we tumble into the void

of our scientific strictures,

and follow economic gain,

shutting out our creator;

making a hell where there

is no need for one,

and the words flow on,

the jam ought be done,

but it can’t create

a brave new world

for you and me,

so let it end with love.


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