Cream: White room.

In one of my poems , which I posted on Sunday I said I had mixed into my variations on themes from Bizet’s Carmen some Cream and Deep Purple music, so here is the peace of music by Cream that I mixed into the variations. The Cream were the first of the super groups, comprising Jack Bruce who played bass, cello, harmonica and keyboards, as well as writing most of the songs with poet Peter brown, and doing the lead vocals, Eric Clapton plays the guitar (on this track he uses a wah-wah pedal) co wrote some of the songs, and did some of the vocals, and the irrepressible Ginger Baker plays the drums. They met while playing together in John Mayles Blues Breakers  in 1964-65, calling themselves the Cream as according to Ginger Baker, we were the three best rock musicians around at the time. The group were to change the whole approach to rock music, and to open the way for the Jimi Hendrix Experience. This song came out in 1968 on the double LP, wheels of fire, and though it got into all the major top twenties was never a number one hit in any country except Australia. There is some difference of opinion, about who played what instruments on the recording, the sleeve notes say that Jack Bruce played the Cello, and producer Felix Popalardi (of Mountain) played the bass, other sources say the other way around. So here is the psychedelic song White room, with thanks to SmellsLikeReason and YouTube for the track, enjoy:


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