Borrowing lines: thanks to Jim Morrison.

When writing and speaking I often

borrow lines from songs, poems

or even a title,

some times whole poems

are made up out of borrowed

lines, or lines that were near to the original.

I sometimes take a line of a poem

and make it my title,

when speaking often

I quote a line or title

or even sing or hum it.

I remember once

getting so caught

up in the melody that

I heard my friend calling

over the telephone,

Charles whats wrong

you have stopped talking!

Scottish poet Hue Mcdyrmid

use to do the same thing,

towards the end of his life,

don’t think he ever

thanked the author that

he had borrowed from.

A few days ago for instance

I used the line

“all stuffed full of eyes”

which comes from a Doors

song (I forget which one)

so maybe I should write Jim Morrison

a thank you note:

Dear Jim, Hope this note finds you well,

really dig your music,

the words are really far out man,

so I used one of your

groovy lines in a poem

the other day, ya know,

the one which goes

about the cars being

stuffed with eyes,

I have used it in a completely new context,

so dude I hope you don’t

mind what I have done.

Have a great time hope

to catch one of your shows soon,

don’t lay into the Whisky to

heavily, and keep the great lines coming,

grove on, Charles.


4 thoughts on “Borrowing lines: thanks to Jim Morrison.

  1. Hey, man: That’s cool. Glad the words rang true and you recycled them into something new. I’m working hard, cleaned up my act, poems and lyrics piling up. Keep on keeping on man, I dig what you’re doing. The Lizard King

    • Thanks: Jim frowned from up above, but no fans jumped off the podium so he thought actually it was cool, that some one else was using his title, so carry on, I lost touch some how the other, but am very pleased to be back on your beat; it certainly livens up the creative juices, so keep on rolling, and rock our world. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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