The wind blows;

sand gets in my eyes,

as I struggle forward;

looking up in time

to see a mountain buzzard

circling effortlessly,

with the odd slight

turn of the tail feathers

and flap of wings,

seemingly quite oblivious

of the wind howling,

makings things so difficult for me:

there it still is,

just being in harmony,

while I fought the wind,

turning my back on it,

to save my eyes

from being sand papered,

and on looking up

the big mountain buzzard

was gone,

leaving only scurrying clouds

to watch, as I hurried on

so that I could escape the wind

and think about this majestic

bird and how well adept to

nature it is,

and how I struggle

with the changing climate,

produced by mans greed,

always chasing time

in every more hurried circles.


2 thoughts on “Circles.

    • Thanks Dom, the piece started out as a Haiku, then two and then grew into this poem with the two Haiku’s incorporated and rewritten to suit the rest of the poem. Am enjoying your blog, best wishes and blessings, Charles

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