Legs are Weak

Please read this wonderful piece.

Confessional and Experimental Poetry.

My legs are weak
And my knees are bent
My thighs are swollen
And my waist was sent

To recover from
This anomaly
I don’t know how long
Or if I will
Ever be
The same again

My torso’s bruised
And my pecs are dull
My chest is done
And my neck was sent

To physiotherapy
To recover from
Such horrendous gift
I really don’t know
If I will
Ever be
Me again

My chin is split
And my cheeks now bleed
My eyes are white
My whole face is smit-

By the sight of you
Staring right at me
As I’m put away
To recover from
Your insidious pleasures
I completely ignore
Whether I will
Ever be
My old self

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