Hendrix and Moebius: the music and the art.

I love Hendrix and Moebius, what a grand combination, please listen, watch and enjoy

Loud Alien Noize

Jimi Hendrix by Moebius 1966


A few images of Jimi Hendrix done in France by the creator (after the great Jack Kirby) of Silver Surfer, the famous French artist Jean Giraud a.k.a Moebius, imagining Hendrix in some imaginary world that never cease to glorify an epic vision incoming from a cosmic infinite magical universe….  All this taking place in 1966, a timewhen Hendrix was virtually unkown… Very few people know that Hendrix first major gig was in France when Chas Chandler, ex Animals and now Hendrix manager got the freshly put together band ”The Jimi Hendrix Experience” to headline for Johnny Hallyday. So it was on the 13th of October 1966 in Evreux, France that Hendrix played his first major gig. The show in Nancy on the…

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