Education – liberation; or how education should be.

Good education is

a form of liberation,

a way of divining

and finding the essence

of ones soul,

and applying it with modesty

and love to the world around us,

and having an understanding

and ability to work with our fellow humans.

The problem is

who decides what a

good education is

and how it should be constituted,

for most education systems,

get one ready to fit into

the status quo,

to fit into society as business, government

and society need it to be,

there is no liberation in this,

as it demeans people,

and destroys their creative spirit,

which is probably why

mind, body, spirit

talks, books and classes are so

popular today,

and is also the reason

that we cannot get to a

stage where meaningful change

in the way we approach the problems

besetting our earth are undertaken,

and violence and war

are still ongoing.

We need to reclaim

our spiritual selves,

and grow into a new type of education

where our minds and souls evolve

and grow in strength and knowledge

so that we can love our neighbors,

we can help the earth survive,

and we can change the way we think.

At school I did very badly,

I was dyslexic and struggled,

was seen as lazy, disruptive,

indolent and generally rather stupid,

and I did not grow,

however when I went to University,

I grew and learned to think

out side of the box,

and to give up time

and energy to help others,

thus becoming a librarian,

I also grew spiritually,

and the two seemed to dovetail

into a better healthier me,

which was very liberating,

and that is how education should be.


7 thoughts on “Education – liberation; or how education should be.

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Strangely I had a similar experience. I was also dyslexic (in the days before such things were commonly diagnosed). I was continuously graded low due to my not being able to spell till it was discovered too late that I had a very high IQ. I left school at 14 but later won a place at a fine art college and became the only one (as far as I know) to from the low class soulless secondary modern I was sent to to ever get an hons. degree.

    • Wow, well done, that is quite a story, I liked your dreams, and old wisdom blogs, since those days I have not really had dreams to come true, and find it difficult to believe in my own abilities, but am getting better at them both. Thanks for this comment, be happy, best wishes and blessings Charles.

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