Sinking hearts; arise.

Hearts are sinking into

blood stains of society

rocked by violence,

war, rape and greed,

which we see ad-nausium

on our TV;

just turn on a newscast

and see it all.

Be aware that there are

good things happening in

our beleaguered world,

it’s just we do not hear of them.

We must stand up,

band together in love and peace

and preach our stance,

helping each other,

sending strength and blessings,

protect our environment,

do good deeds to help others,

not just now because

it is the season of Good Will,

but always,

so that good will also

become news worthy,

with love and fellowship

binding communities together

in harmony, feeding

the soul of our wondrous universe

bringing new education,

new thoughts, great love

and the world God

wanted us to live in.

6 thoughts on “Sinking hearts; arise.

    • Hi Amber, thanks for the comment, and pleased you liked it, I enjoyed writing it, am following and liking your post very much as well. Have a blessed and enjoyable Christmas, best wishes Charles.

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