Songs of love

And if I sang a thousand songs

that night when the moon vanished

and the darkness pressed against the stillness

what were they signifying;

the bleakness of our world in turmoil,

the richness of our culture,

the fragrances of our garden,

the crime spiraling out of control

torture, death and rape,

well no they were all

love songs for the one I love,

and it felt so good to sing with guster

in these hard times,

especially as we smiled,

kissed and cuddled together

arm in arm, singing our songs

of love and being really happy

in the dark stillness of the night,

and what wrong with that,

perhaps we need more love,

not less

4 thoughts on “Songs of love

    • Thanks, have been enjoying your blog have just read and liked some of the blogs now, will try and follow more closely, enjoy the holidays, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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