Songs of hope

The guitars threaded there way

over the bass and chattering drums,

you got to switch on the light,

and Gerry Garcia steps into the limelight,

laying down a a lilting lick,

pulsing passion through those tear drop dark glasses

and the dead are on fire,

my mind has picked up another melody

and George Harrison bearded face hovers singing:

“give me hope, help me cope,

with this heavy load,

helping  you helping me,

and I am miles away sitting next to my wife

we kissed, and then realized

it was three minutes early,

and then the fireworks started;

so bliss we kissed in the New Year again,

forgetting all the music in the mind

and enjoying each others warmth

knowing that we have grown through

the singing of the guitars,

the moaning bass, the rattling drums

and live through the songs

to enjoy a brand new beginning.

Happy New Year.


11 thoughts on “Songs of hope

    • Hi Robert, George being my favorite Beatles, is never far from the forefront of my mind, and my wife Genevieve and I relaxed together and played the first extra disk of Woodstock the directors take, extra, which features a twenty minute part of the Dead’s performance at Woodstock, and then we switched over to ordinary local TV, where some one called out happy New Years, so we did the whole thing only to realize that it was only 5 to 12! so we got to wish each all over again! Have a wonderful year, best wishes and blessings Charles.

    • Hi Angie, It’s been a great pleasure to have made 2014 (which I found to be a difficult year) better for others, I get a huge joy from writing poetry; or actually any sort of writing, music, art, photography or film, but the unfortunate thing is there is a lot less time to spend with my Wonderful wife Genevieve. I will try and work this out over the next few months. Happy 2015, best wishes and blessings Charles. 🙂

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