Thoughts scurry like fluffy

clouds over my mind,

as I think of you all,

and difficult cruel year

we are leaving;

with a deep breath,

to clear out the mind

get rid of the anxieties,

and concentrate on

whole images that we would

wish for all,

so that goodness, love,

happiness, equality;

the smile of growth,

the brightness of our

evolving souls,

the growth of

universal knowledge:

Our growth away from

a failing planet,

towards one of understanding,

sharing, love and safety

of everything.

I wish all a

great New Year.


7 thoughts on “Understanding!

    • Thanks Paris, I hope this will be a healing, and happier year for you, and can only offer you strength and prayers. Happy 2015, best wishes and blessings, Charles. 🙂

  1. So very very beautiful ! You sing as you write, I can tell. I so apreciate your sincerity in your writing Charles.

    • Music does play a big part in my life, and even if there is no music playing, there is rhythm and music in my head, so; yes I guess it comes out in my poetry, for that reason I am writing libretto’s for Opera, and have 3 ready waiting for composers to set them to music. 🙂

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