Splitting the void


only tiredness,

(it is just after twenty to two in the morning)

but images split the void,

rhythms begin to move my feat,

and the words are now flowing,


does this actually mean anything

in the disorder of our planet?

Yes it must,

so that we can move

forward to a more

caring society,

that looked after one another,

that looked after the Earth

that communicated with each other,

with our God

to bring about a creative

loving society in a healthy world,

just a God wanted.


5 thoughts on “Splitting the void

  1. Beautiful Charles…this community on wordpress, that I’ve had the great fortune to stumble upon, has renewed my faith in humanity…everyone has reached out to me, you especially…and provided me with strength and encouragement…Love is alive and well here!
    xx Paris

    • Thanks Paris, I am enjoying being part of this community,and I always have managed to find and try and help people who need help throughout my life, it must be part of my life’s work. So I hope you will carry on finding strength and slowly grow into happiness. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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