Light my soul

Stars and moon light my soul,

as energy serge’s,

and word fly from my fingers

forming patterns on the screen,

and I wonder how powerful is

our wonderful star?

How much more can it endure?

as we pollute the air,

mine its wealth and energy,

and not even have the time

and pleasure to drink of

the grandeur all about us.

So walk in nature,

take time to see the birds, animals and plants,

relax into the melody of the natural world,

and take time to understand each other,

to form links of love,

so that the stars and the moon

can give us energy, grace and love,

and we can stand together

to save our great planet Earth.

2 thoughts on “Light my soul

    • Hi Amber, thanks for the comment, have had so many comments to answer that I have not had a chance to get onto your blog to see your resent posts but am looking forward to getting there to explore soon Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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