Eating salads

Eating salads under the grapevines

with my wife and favorite sister and law,

with birds, chirping and flitting

through the trees and vines,

with the waiters hovering

and attentive to ours and others beck and call.

The conversation got round to

the poisoning of the earth by

multi-national companies like Monsanto,

and my signing of a declaration

that I signed promising

that I would no longer

drink any Coke products,

because they support Monsanto.

Then my mind is with the birds,

the dappled sky, and the warm sun,

which peeped out from behind

clouds every now again,

and I read that 2014 was definitely the warmest

year in existence, and caused by man made pollution,

and I wondered when we would

get it right to save our planet.


4 thoughts on “Eating salads

  1. Thanks, it has become a bit of a preoccupation, every time i think the people of the world are moving forward, something happens that sends us all backwards. Thanks for following, liking and commenting, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

    • Thanks, Sarah, I quite like to use what has happened to me during the day and use it as imagery to construct a poem around it. Am also enjoying your blog a lot. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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