Duke Ellington and his Orchestra; Toot suite part.1.

After the great success of Gershwin’s American in Paris, Rhapsody in blue and porgy and Bess, and the Piano concerto in F, other jazz  arrangers and performers began to look at orchestral writing and especially after the success of The Grand Canyon suite by Grofe, Duke Ellington began to write suits for his orchestra, and eventually for classical orchestra’s. He wrote a whole series of these suits between 1931 and 1960. Many of these suits are now played by orchestras around the world on a regular basis, and those that were orchestrated for jazz orchestra are now being re orchestrated for full symphony orchestra, and taking their proper place in the repertoire of the orchestras. Here is part 1 of his suite called Toot, which appeared on his great 1959 LP Jazz Party. The orchestra includes many jazz greats, including Dizzy Gillespie, johnny Hodges, Jimmy Rushing, Jimmy Jones and Clark Terry, the suit as is normal in this type of composition is broken up into several movements, each with a different feel, sound and texture, giving all these great musicians, including himself lots of room to show off their prowess. So here is the original recording thanks to Henry Cooper and YouTube:


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