Three men playing

There were just three men

standing together on stage

all playing their instruments,

and singing with mountains of passion

as Bob Dylan growled his way through

the hard rains are a gonna to fall,

the huge crowd listened enraptured

as the trio made their way through the song

hitting the meaning home as one could see

the anxious faces worrying,

but singing along with the choruses,

and exploding into to undulations

once the three had finished the song,

and now all these years later

the hard rains may still fall,

and Dylan is still singing

with much verve, but the hard rains

fall from polluted skies

and the temperatures

have rocketed since the Concert for Bangladesh,

and we still live on the edge.

A the concert for Bangladesh, for Bob Dylan’s part of the concert the band George Harrison put together for the concert left the stage leaving Bob Dylan on acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals, George Harrison on electric guitar and backing vocals, and Leon Russel on electric bass and back up vocals. It was one of the great high lights of Rock performance history.


3 thoughts on “Three men playing

    • Thanks Sharon, living way further south, I have only seen Bob on film and video, but still wonderful. maybe he will come to Cape Town one day, and perform, and I will seen him, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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